Umana line – the stem-glasses designed by the sommelier

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Umana line – the stem-glasses designed by the sommelier

Produced by the ancient glassworks Rona, a line conceived by Maurizio Dante Filippi, best Ais Italian sommelier of 2016. Six stem-glasses and two glasses that seem mouth-blown but are in fact crystal glasses.

An enquiry that is performed in the production of both mouth-blown glass and crystal glass, characterized at the same time by lightness, brightness, and thinness. Both methods create contemporary and innovative product lines able to satisfy any need of hospitality-sector professionals, who despite the lockdown due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, can already begin to project new strategies and table makeups for companies’ recovery.

«Today – as Sergio Pezzotta, CEO of Ros, explains – Rona offers the market, at a very competitive price, the Umana line, designed by Maurizio Dante Filippi, best Italian Ais sommelier of 2016. An influential professional that coordinates the reception in the Comitissa e Lieviti Room 9/19 Bistrot in Civita Castellana, in Viterbo area. For the first time, we have a line conceived by someone who uses these tools and demands the best results. The technology used to realize this line was the newest Ultra-Light Execution technology that thanks to its appearance and brightness makes Umana line resemble to a mouth-blown product. In designing this project Filippi was inspired by the concept of womb».

Everything starts from the womb. The womb is female, it is sinuosity, gracefulness, an expression of elegance, strength, and toughness. «The female line – as Maurizio Dante Filippi specifies – is able to capture the sense of life. The female shape does not have edges». From this ideal “mother” 8 children are born, 6 wine stem-glasses and 2 water glasses.

Still water
The glass for still water appears with a significant elegance. It is the glass of caress, of that sweet and light gesture that shifts the air. In this glass, we may also serve a very light sparkling water in which the presence of carbon dioxide is almost unperceivable.

Sparkling water
In case of sparkling water, due to the presence of carbon dioxide, the pungency is more intense and immediate. Its aim is to titillate the mouth and to stimulate the digestive system. What recalls the use of this glass is a bright morning at the mountains. The olfactory perceptions can also become pungent if we breath deeply in a glass of sparkling water and because of this it is necessary to dissipate this feeling, as not to make it concentrated in the nostrils.

Sparkling wines
A large and immersive stem-glass. As the other products of the line, it can be used in high-quality contexts and with all the different types of sparkling wines, whether they are Martinotti or Charmat or Classic Method, and even vintage sparkling wines and reserve wines. There is no geographical distinction, since Italian sparkling wines, Champagne, Cava, and other international productions can be all served in this stem-glass. This shape is ideal to be served during appetizers even with high-quality sparkling wines, but can also be used during the entire meal for an excellent sparkling wine.

White wines and young rosés
A stem-glass able to contain any young white wine. Its tapering shape, its remarkable capacity and its great internal volume allow to the drink to express all its young aromatic component, made of freshness and clear sensations. A perfect item for vintage white wines or with steel and bottle aging not more than 3 years, but also with very young rosé wines that have been protected from oxidation. Optimal for wines served at temperatures under 10°C.

White wines, important rosés, and young red wines
A stem-glass assuring a good service both for a practical aspect and for the wines sequence on table. It has been designed for quite young wines, aged in steel, bottle or wood, which origin is not remote. The same stem-glass can be used in a few cases for older rosé wines, slightly oxidized, with malolactic fermentation or with a perceivable sugar residual. This glass can even be used for vintage red wines with perceptions of acidity and fruity; never for wines aging in wood. The white and rosé wines to be served in this glass must have a temperature between 8 and 12°C and for young red wines not above 14°C.

White important wines
This stem-glass is for those white wines that lasted for a while in a bottle, for those who can give an emotion. This shape is for those white wines preserved for at least 8-10 years, that have been carefully handled when in vineyard, but especially for those kept under the best preservation conditions. These wines will see the light only when served in the glass, and they will give back light and pleasure. The temperature for these wines to be served is between 12 and 15°C, and they will need time to decant and to express themselves, since what we expect is not a drink, but an emotion.

Red wines from coloring vineyards
For this stem-glass what made a difference as a relevant element were not the techniques of winemaking, aging, advancement, or the amount of time for preservation, but the coloring intensity that many vineyards inject in their own wines. The wines served in this stem-glass will be “wines to touch”. The immersive fragrance will give sensations of maturity and thickness. These wines are characterized by an almost impenetrable color, the different tones are all very dark; the light will not pass. It will be up to these wines to capture again the light and give it back under the form of brightness. The temperature for these wines to be served can vary, but is usually between 16° and 18-19°C. These wines will not be young: from 3-4 aging years up to… a century and even more!

Red wines from low-coloring vineyards
The wines for this stem-glass are softer in colors, but full of brightness, and bottle aging from 3 up to decades and decades. The sensation they will give will be soft and soothing. The temperature to be served is always important and will be between 15° and 18°C. This glass can help the person serving the wine, since it is a valuable product that can be used among the different tables for wines varying in value and cost. The stem-glass can even contain a more colored wine but a longer aging and a valuable occasion will decide when.


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