Safety, technology, delivery: Ros keywords for the recovery

28 Mar , 2020 - Style

Safety, technology, delivery: Ros keywords for the recovery

The company that for 36 years has selected suppliers and products for the hospitality industry, with a catalogue of more than 15 thousand references, is now looking forward to those extra services and solutions that will be essential for the future.

The Covid-19 crisis has struck down our country by locking down everyone at their houses. The Horeca world is in lockdown too, apart from those restaurants that did their best to grant deliveries and to contain at least partially the economic damage.
Of course, this crisis will end, but we will need time and we will have to adapt to a new lifestyle, to a new approach. Ros, a company based in Zanica (Bg) that for 36 years has been selecting suppliers and products for the hospitality industry with a catalogue of more than 15 thousand references, is already looking forward. And it is bearing in mind customer service, counselling and extra services that will be essential for the future.

“We are developing some guidelines to support Horeca in tomorrow scenarios” they say. A change of course for the future, for which the company is already developing new projects. “Ros believes that the recovery will represent a new beginning and is aware that safety will have to be put at first place, for customers to feel again the taste for life without unpleasant surprises. It is indeed in our sector that wide interpersonal relations and intense social contacts are established. Bearing this in mind, we thought about giving some “suggestions” on how to carry out administrative tasks by reducing at the minimum the risks both for operators and customers enjoying the service”.

Four are the main intervention areas that are being developed:

  • Delivery and packaging;
  • Table service and make up (buffet, happy hour, mise en place);
  • Operators protection to work in complete safety;
  • Optimal use of technology.

A planning that takes into consideration the fact that all service procedures will have to be revised. Ros, a leading counselor for their own customers, is defining precisely work proposals and procedures that can actually help. Solutions are already there.
When the 2nd phase will be running, that phase defined by the Prime Minister as the one of “coexistence with coronavirus”, the based-in-Lombardy company will present some concrete and ready-to-use proposals. When offices will be open again, lunch break will be done at the workplace. And at that point delivery will be crucial, but of course safety and health standards will have to be assured. So, that is why isothermal bags to carry hot and fresh food, as well as special packs, shoppers and lunch boxes will become essential.
“Still, not everyone will be willing to stay indoor after such a lockdown – Ros team explains – and public structures will have to introduce a new way of service, in complete safety. In case of buffet this implies protecting the exposed food with barriers anti-contamination, closed chafing dishes and roll top covers everywhere; these items will protect the food and only when needed clients will open the container to pick up what they want”.

Even the happy hour will have to be rearranged, since it will now be served at table. The solutions for this matter are very interesting thanks to the use of small, colored single servings containers, in different shapes and materials such as porcelain, melamine or glass.
Nonetheless this renewal will have to transform, for a certain period, also the look and the clothing of hospitality professionals. “Ros, even in this case, will be at the side of its clients, by supplying them masks, gloves, single-use gowns, caps and cleansing products. Technology will be another fundamental element of the business in all its variations, and it will be employed to assure sanitation, but also to leave flavors and shelf life intact. For instance, vacuum machines (fluids included) or roners, that allow a small bag containing the food, to cook at constant low temperatures. This process grants a homogenous cooking (meat, fish, vegetables …) by keeping raw ingredients soft and tasty. Even in this field, Ros counselling is very valuable.

“As concerning vacuum cooking – the company explains – besides storing the food for a longer period, it will also be possible to transport and to deliver it. If desired, delivery could be enriched with a cooking box including a kit with the recipe from the restaurant and the instructions on how to proceed with the preparation or simply on how to finish the cooking by adding sauces or sides, each one of them placed in a specific bag. An idea that can be extended also to drinks, for cocktails to be mixed at home”.


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