Mixology: Luigi Bormioli line for leading barmen

15 Lug , 2020 - Style

Mixology: Luigi Bormioli line for leading barmen

Products that make the moment of tasting a highly involving experience both for the professional who can count on efficient tools with a strong appeal, and for the customer.

Bormioli Luigi is a high-profile brand. Glass designer, acting in the name of creativity, taste, research and testing, the brand has evolved through the seasons, by gaining a leading role in the international production of glassware. The collections are the most reliable testimonials of this craft, able to differentiate itself for various consumptions. And mixology is its leading exponent. It is in this sector that the company based in Parma has been investing since many years in research and development of new shapes and models, always having in mind the Italian standards of style and design.

«A fusion of design, lines refinement and materials quality – as Antonella Giupponi, CFO of Ros, explains – the “made in Luigi Bormioli” collections contribute to make the moment of tasting a highly involving experience both for the professional, who can count on efficient tools with a strong appeal, and for the customer whose tactile and visual senses are triggered.».

The mixology is a form of art in all respects, a product of the interaction between ability, design, technique, and imagination. A discipline that requires attention towards many aspects of which the drink is only one, even if everything starts from it. The cocktail is made before the eyes of the customer, and that is why tools are as important as the ability of the barman. And to serve the drink in a glass that makes it unique means to enhance it even more.

Because of this, it is important to rely on who interacts on a daily basis with this world. The partnership with Yuri Gelmini, head barman of Milan Surfer’s Den, has allowed Luigi Bormioli to create “Mixology” a collection of barware and cocktail making equipment. A series of practical products both for efficiency and service: from dashes and bitter bottles to mixing glasses, from decanters to glasses, up until “5 pieces” sets.

The pillars of Luigi Bormioli mindset have always been well-defined: research and development, design, shapes, and materials. An unstoppable innovation. The style comes hand-to-hand with technology, as in the case of blown high-tech crystal glass. Highly sonorous, transparent, and brilliant even after more than 4 thousand industrial washings, it is an “ultra-clear” glass for transparency, robust and resistant.

The anti-abrasion treatment Titanium Reinforced applied on the stem of the glass diminishes by 140% the risk of breakage. Other remarkable percentages are +37,5% of resistance on the borders, +105% resistance on impacts, +98% resistance on stem torsion. A glass which is not only good and lasting, but also eco-friendly since it is lead-free and without other heavy metals and produced with low emissions of carbon dioxide.

Also, it is the most extensive range to satisfy any professional need: 9 typologies of decanters, dashes and bitter bottles, 18 typologies of glasses for Martini Cocktail, 19 double old fashioned and 18 high ball. And the top of the range is served.


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