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Everything begins with our restless search for products able to anticipate trends, our ability to catch changes and being ahead of the market fashions by defining the evolutions.
Being a trend setter is an attitude but is also a duty that we take on to offer best-quality innovative solutions that can trace the identity of every client, by making them highly remarkable.


A behavior that distinguishes every of our actions in regards of both customers – to whom we propose only articles that we have carefully selected and checked to test the quality of the materials, their safety, their strength and their functionality – and brands that are part of our catalogue and that we consider partners rather than suppliers.


The product comes before anything else. To cooperate with long-standing enterprises and brands having an excellent know-how in creating goods and devices for hotels, restaurants, bars and public services is a priority that reflects our philosophy, our professional approach, in simple words us. We are not willing to make any compromise concerning quality, and that is why we carefully select products that are constantly restocked.


We know very well what our callings are especially in choosing hotel, restaurant and bar supplies that combine together appearance, functionality and performances; in helping clients to identify items that match their needs by guiding them with specific suggestions; in giving relevance to the creations of partner-enterprises specialized in hospitality products; in delivering efficient responses to whom relies on us; in promoting the growth of our field by participating to exhibitions and by supporting guides and activities that bring out the value of our world.


If customization is the cornerstone of every service, offered to assist clients’ specific needs, the uniqueness of the proposals and solutions we supply is our strength. The “tailor-made” is our guideline, always considering the uniqueness of styles. We design clothing that perfectly suit every client making them feel elegant and comfortable.


Our sector promotes hospitality as its remarkable trait and empathy as an added value to establish authentic relations. These are the principles in which we believe and that we adopt to improve our understanding of clients and to best interpret their demands. This task is very serious to us, since we are aware that details are the ones to leave a mark in every project. Because hotel and restaurant supplies are not simple products, but the representation of whoever is choosing them.


The “ROS method” is based on solid pillars such as competence (in knowing the materials, technologies and machineries), awareness (of our field and its operators’ needs), creativity (in creating solutions able to qualify every item as remarkable). This lifestyle has become through the years a valuable sign that is constantly renewing its proposals (hotel, restaurant and bar supplies, table accessories and operators’ clothing) but not its approach, always passionate and still rigorous.


To be remarkable, you need to be specialized, and so to develop services that can anticipate and interpret clients’ needs quickly and efficiently. Specialized consultancy – useful to orientate among many proposals and to help define a more personal style – product customization, prompt delivery, restocking and after-sales service are our strengths. An excellent service is the one that goes beyond the trade and continues over time.


Uur project is based on solid foundations and since its dawn in 1984 it has always minded for market transformations, the spatial context in which it was operating and the economic phases of the Country without giving up its own principles: respect for the work of employers, partners, and professionals of the sector; care for every business phase; equity in defining costs; attention to sustainability concerns of ecofriendly brands and enterprises; development of further capacities to welcome and inspire our clients.

This is Us, this is RO.S